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Abdominal etching

Abdominal etching, or Ab etching, is a plastic surgery procedure invented by Henry A. Mentz, III in the early 1990s that uses a special cannula to contour and shape abdominal fat pad to provide patients with a flat stomach. The procedure selectively removes a small amount of fat around the patient's natural muscular contours and shapes the abdomen to create a more athletic contour. [1]

Prior to the procedure, the surgeon makes detailed markings of the patient's flexed ab muscles and uses the markings to remove fat and highlight the patient's individual muscular structure. The procedure is suitable for patients who are already in shape and who have between one to two centimeters of "pinchable belly fat"; recovery can be lengthy and complicated. [2]

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Options for Men / Body Contouring / Abdominal Etching

Options for Men / Body Contouring / Abdominal Etching

In 1992 Dr. Mentz performed the first athletic contoured liposuction in the US and coined the operation 'Abdominal Etching.'

Since then he has made multiple presentations on the topic in the US and at international conferences.Dr. Mentz continues to improve this operation to provide better results.

The operation is performed by carefully sculpting the abdominal fat pad to create subtle enhancements of the existing muscle.

Recovery is quick and the operation can be performed easily on out of town patients with a three day Houston stay.

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